Instructor Profile

Doug Medford

DOUG MEDFORD, your program trainer, is a dynamic speaker, hand-picked by the Appelbaums to help present this exciting seminar for your staff. He is an outstanding presenter who has experience both training teachers and teaching young children. Doug's seminars are lively, informative, fast-paced, and filled with ideas that can be immediately implemented. Doug is one of the nation's leading educational humorists. By using humor that is intelligent and inventive, participants actually feel themselves involved in Doug's presentations. He will educate you, motivate you, and make you laugh while giving your child care program valuable tools.

Here are what others say about Doug's seminars.

"Real life scenarios, it was as if Doug knew the kids in my school and had been in our classrooms." Deborah Kovhasemmhit

"This seminar was great! Doug is a wonderful presenter. His humor made being there extremely enjoyable." Sherry Montoya

"Absolutely outstanding!!! Doug was very knowledgeable and sympathetic to the struggles of teachers." Linda Lahig