Instructor Profile

Marty Appelbaum

MARTIN APPELBAUM, has spent a lifetime dedicated to his objective to make a profound and positive difference in children's lives. In addition to his B.B.A. Degree and Montessori teaching certificate, Martin has been both administrator and director of child care centers and private schools, working his way up from a teacher's aide position. He authored two Early Childhood Education (ECE) courses used by college undergraduate students and ''How to Teach Children to Follow Rules'', ''The Big Book of Play for Little Learners'', and ''Keys to Success''. His zest for living, unique sense of humor, and personal experiences combined with his concentrated knowledge of child care to make each seminar refreshingly fun and information-packed. You will wish you didn't have to wait until Monday to be with your class.

''During today's seminar lunch break, my staff was really upbeat. All shared that they enjoyed Marty and how he made the seminar fun. The week prior we all dreaded giving up our Saturday. Thanks for making this the best seminar that my staff has attended.'' Connie Clampit

''As always I greatly enjoyed your seminar. Each time I come I get refreshed and ready to go. Keep it up!'' Lynnette Smith

''This is the first seminar in 6 years, I have not watched the clock!'' Jennifer Lakussa

"Came in thinking I would not learn anything new. Thank you for proving me wrong and helping me become a better teacher." Michelle Dulyea-Schlies

"Marty Appelbaum trainings are literally "the bomb." Packed full of so many practical things I can use in my classroom." Cheryl Reeve