Appelbaum Training Institute (ATI) was founded in 1989 when Maryln Appelbaum and Marty Appelbaum (mother and son) spoke together at a Houston area child care conference. In the immediate years to follow, they led their business from home offices to conducting training seminars for early childhood educators in almost every state in the United States as well as internationally. Today, over 30 years later, ATI is the largest early childhood training Institute in the USA. 



2020 – Improved our live online & on demand seminars with an upgrade and redesign of our website

2019 - Surpassed 800 Seminar Titles. Launched live online training. 

2017 – Opened ATI Training Center 

2011 - Launched Teacherboutique.com

2010 – Launched ATIselfstudy.org

2008 – Surpassed 1 Million Attendees

2004 – Conducted Fourth International Seminar (Europe)

2003 – Conducted Third International Seminar (Asia)

2002 – Voted Best Places to Work in Houston (Houston Business Journal) 

2000 – Conducted First Seminar in Canada 

1999 – Conducted First Seminar for Grades 6-12 and First Seminar in South America 

1998 – Conducted First Seminar for Grades K-5. 

1996 – Hired First and Current Trainer Doug Medford 

1991 – Conducted First Seminar outside of Texas (Florida)

1990 – Conducted First Seminar outside of Houston (Dallas)

1989 – Conducted First seminar (Houston, Texas)